What you need to know, whether you go to Argentina or make your voice heard here at home

August 23, 2005

The 3rd Peoples’ Summit of the Americas is taking place in Mar del Plata, Argentina from November 1st to 5th. The 2nd Peoples’ Summit took place just over four years ago in Quebec City, at which over 60,000 people marched to show their opposition to the ‘free trade’ agenda being promoted by the Presidents of the Americas.

Now all the Presidents are meeting on Nov. 4 & 5 in Mar del Plata, and the Bush administration (with a nod from Canada) is once again pushing the ‘free trade’ agenda as the solution to widespread poverty and growing unemployment. However, four years after Quebec City, there is strong opposition to this corporate trade model in every country of the Americas. Now there are also several new governments in our hemisphere that question Washington’s trade crusade, and want to put the social agenda in top spot again, where it belongs.

Common Frontiers has designed a clear language page dedicated to the issues and actors at the 3rd Peoples Summit of the Americas. You’ll find information on Argentina’s history, background on the country, a glance back at the previous two Peoples’ Summits, and a focus on the 3rd Peoples’ Summit – who’s organizing it; how to register your own educational session; marches and protests; how to get to Mar del Plata and etc. We also provide a link to the official III Peoples’ Summit site (which has an English language option).

-Visit our 3rd People’s Summit information site