Building a better Alberta

The Peoples’ Social Forum is ready for change in province and country

It can be difficult these days, especially here in Alberta, to fathom that there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel in regards to our future.

Our provincial and federal governments have been increasing the frequency and severity of attacks on democracy from attacks on collective bargaining and First Nations, to the death of evidence-based decision making and the broad-scale silencing of dissent. Federal and provincial governments seem intent on eliminating any space that might result in the articulation of creative and alternative ways of structuring our society.

Despite all that, we have seen a tremendous number of grassroots movements like Idle No More, Occupy and the fight-back against the government’s anti-union legislation in the past couple of years. Albertans have shown time and again they are not yet prepared to fully abandon their belief in democracy, people-power and collective action—they’re not prepared to completely had over control of their lives, their livelihoods and their communities to the goals, dreams and aspirations of the one percent.

Our province and country are clearly at a crossroads. With out-of-control inequality and ever-increasing consolidation of wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands, there is a choice to make: we can let go and succumb to undemocratic government decisions or we can hold on to our values and ideals and work to turn things around.