Canadian Embassy urged to take action on murder of Colombian priest

September 16, 2011

Common Frontiers has added its voice to a large list of organizations that have signed a letter sent to the Canadian Ambassador to Colombia urging it to cooperate fully in the investigation of a parish priest.

Dear Ambassador des Rivieres:

In response to news of the murder of Father Jose Reinel Restrepo, parish priest of the municipality of Marmato in the department of Caldas, Colombia, we would like to express our deep sadness and to raise our concern that Canadian mining companies may well be aggravating or benefiting from violence in this area. We ask that the Canadian Embassy cooperate with investigations to ensure that the facts surrounding Restrepo’s murder are brought to light, and to guarantee that Canadian mining companies operating in Colombia are not causing, aggravating, or benefiting from violence and human rights violations.

For more info, contact:
Jennifer Moore, Latin America Program Coordinator, MiningWatch Canada, 613-569-3439