Ramon Morales Balcázar is a member of the Plurinational Observatory of Andean Salt Flats which is a collective of academics, NGOs, Indigenous leaders and independent professionals united in experience of lithium extraction in Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. They are committed to the defense of the Andean salt flat watersheds and territories which provide life for numerous Indigenous communities and unique ecosystems. Ramon will speak to his experience and research in the region with respect to the impacts of lithium mining on this very sensitive ecosystem, and its links to the energy transition.

Ramon will be joined by Kirsten Francescone, the Latin America Coordinator at MiningWatch Canada who will speak to the overall trends of Canadian mining investment in Chile and the role of Canadian mining companies, and the Canadian government, in the ongoing political and ecological crisis.

As well, a member of Apoyamos Chile, a Toronto-based collective, will talk about the necessity of making visible the ongoing social struggle in Chile and to denounce the ongoing human rights violations by the Chilean government.

This event is open to the public, refreshments will be provided
Event sponsored by: Apoyamos Chile; Common Frontiers; Latin America and Caribbean Solidarity Network; Mining Injustice Solidarity Network; MiningWatch Canada and the United Church of Canada