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January 24, 2007 Bolivia’s Government Faces Right-Wing Offensive Popular forces struggle for unity against attacks Evo Morales just celebrated his first anniversary as president of Bolivia. Despite many accomplishments by his government, it now faces a potentially destabilizing right-wing offensive, while Popular forces struggle for unity against a growing number of attacks . – Read an in depth look at the current situation.

December 14, 2006 Rick Arnold’s Summit Journal The fifth and final installment of Rick’s Summit Journal. – Reflections on the two Summits held in Cochabamba, Bolivia

December 13, 2006 Cochabamba Manifesto This just in – the Social Summit’s Cochabamba Manifesto in English. – Read the document in English

December 1 , 2006 On November 22 and 23, in Santiago, Chile, a vice-ministerial level meeting was held to discuss the draft of the declaration to be issued by the 12 South American Presidents meeting in Cochabamba December 8 and 9, and to determine the agenda of the meetings in that city. A group of delegates representing social movements and organizations led by the Hemispheric Social Alliance met first with the Chilean vice-minister and later with the vice-ministers from the other countries to present them with a civil society contribution to the discussion of integration in the South American context. – Read the English translation of this document

November 8, 2006 The Second Summit of South American heads-of-state is taking place in Cochabamba, Bolivia December 8-9, 2006. Its purpose is to discuss the building of the Community of South American Nations (CSAN). Bolivian President Evo Morales has sent the following proposal to the other 11 Presidents in South America, as well as to the people of South America. His proposal is a fascinating new window on what the CSAN could aspire to become. He has entitled his proposal “Let’s construct a real Community of South American Nations in order to ‘live well’.” – Read the full text of the letter

November 7, 2006 Key objectives for the Social Summit for Peoples’ Integration Social Summit for Peoples’ Integration will have four over-riding components: A place to demonstrate continuity in the resistance to FTAs (NAFTA, SPP, CAFTA, bilateral FTAs and etc.) An opportunity to move forward in a hemispheric-level design of alternatives for a peoples’ integration in the Americas. A key moment for the popular sectors to have an influence on the official South American integration agenda that will be discussed by the 12 South American governments at the II South American Community of Nations Summit meeting to be held in Santa Cruz, Bolivia on December 8-9, 2006. A time to continue to build, strengthen and further articulate the social movements in the Americas. Suggested theme areas to be tackled in lead-up to Dec. Social Summit Some key thematic areas around which to be developing an alternative vision – a vision that is as concrete as possible: TOP FOUR * Energy * Original Peoples * Financing * Asymmetries OTHERS OF IMPORTANCE * Water * Biodiversity * Agriculture and food sovereignty * Health and education * Decent employment * Human rights * Infrastructure * Migration * Defence-militarization * Institutionality (People-centered State/governance structures)

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