Continental day of Action – Nov 4th


When: Fri. Nov 4th @ 1 pm
Where: 344 Bloor St. west in front of Minister of International Trade, Crystia Freeland’s office.
Why: To say No to corporate trade deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and its agenda of privatization. We stand for sovereignty & Democracy in Brazil & across Latin America, and with our brothers and sisters at Standing Rock.

After a decade of the defeat of the FTAA – Free Trade Area of the Americas – our continent faces a new neoliberal offensive. This offensive is clear and manifests in different forms, and plunder of the rights of peoples and attacks on Indigenous peoples, peasants, workers, women, youth, as well as racial, cultural and sexual diversities, which after struggles and resistance regained their ability to lead the processes of change in the region.

Moreover, the coups in Haiti (2002), Honduras (2009), Paraguay (2012) and the ongoing coup in Brazil, show that the market which dominates our lives wants to end the recent transformation process carried out by the people, which resulted in more rights for everyone, greater social inclusion, sovereignty over its territories and common goods and more democratic forms and tools for the political exercise and popular participation.

We stand in opposition to military regimes across the Continent and institutionalized violence by states throughout the continent. We stand against the agenda of free trade, privatization, inequality, exclusion and poverty represented in the neocolonial FTAA project and seek to build toward “Another World is Possible”.

We stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation has issued a global call to action amid brave Land and Water Protectors facing brutal and outrageous treatment for prayerfully protecting life.
The principles of solidarity and internationalism unite us, as well as the need for a systemic transformation against capitalism, patriarchy, colonialism and racism.

This is a new moment of collective action by the peoples of the Americas who oppose the agenda of destruction, disintegration and exclusion.

We call on the diversity of organizations, popular social movements and groups committed to social transformation and push forward with collective action and to take to the streets of our America on November 4, 2016 to shout with one voice: