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Campaign Documents

FTAA Trade Ministerial
Americas Civil Society Forum

Nov. 1999,Toronto, Canada

Final Report.During the week of November 1 to 5, 1999 the “Our Americas: Towards a
Peoples’ Vision of the Hemisphere” event, including the Americas Civil
Society Forum, took place in Toronto, Canada. The organization of this week
of events was scheduled to coincide with the fifth Trade Ministerial on the
Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). This is the brief final report.(dec 2000)

Delegates from across the hemisphere, including 20 countries of Latin
America and the Caribbean, Canada and the United States participated in a
host of meetings and events in addition to the CS forum, including a Women’s
Forum, a Hemispheric Social Alliance (ASC) Council meeting and a
locally-organized Cultural Festival.

Our presentation before the federal government’s standing committee on
Foreign Affairs and International Trade on the FTAA
(April 27, 1999)
Toronto, ON (part of the cross country hearings of this committee on the WTO& FTAA)

Investment, Finance And Debt
(Nov 1999)

Social Exclusion, Jobs and Poverty
(Nov 1999)

La Exclusión Social, El empleo y la Pobreza en las Américas
(Nov 1999)

La Inversión, las Finanzas y la Deuda en las Américas
(Nov 1999)

Open letter to the Free Trade Ministers of the Free Trade Area of the Americas
(Nov 1999)

Carta abierta a los ministros de comercio del Area de Libre Comercio de las Americas
(Nov 1999)


Open Letter To Fox

Open letter to President Elect
Mr Vincente Fox on his first visit
to Canada August 23, 2000

Elections July 2000

Canadian NGO observation delegation,
Mexico working group

“Mexico 2000: Democracy in Challenge”
Advanced Team Report:
June 6-15, 2000