Get to the truth about the SPP

March 12, 2008

A 4-part series of downloadable, educational Fact Sheets

(English fact sheets updated March 12, 2008)

Common Frontiers has REVISED this educational resource to help cut through the spin and clutter around the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) – a ‘next generation’ trade deal involving Canada, Mexico and the US. These four fact sheets dig into background issues related to the secretive SPP. They are designed for use with an organization’s members who may not know a lot about Canada’s ‘free trade’ agenda. The fact sheets also can be used as informational hand-outs at meetings/rallies.

Four fact sheets are now available for free downloads in English and French.

  • Free Trade at the Crossroads – What’s up with NAFTA, TILMA and other ‘free trade’ deals that Canada is currently promoting?
  • Integration by Stealth – Unpacking the secretive SPP
  • SPP and Petroleum – Uncovering the real purpose of the SPP in mobilizing Mexican and Canadian energy resources to enhance US ‘security’.
  • Alternatives to Free Trade: Thinking Outside the Box – This is what alternative trade and regional solidarity looks like!

Each fact sheet also has a What you can do section suggesting additional web sites for further learning.

The fact sheets are available in two formats, both as downloadable .pdf files. (Adobe Reader required) One is a conventional 4 page document suitable for printing on letter-sized paper. The other is formatted to be printed on both sides of an 11”X17” piece of paper which can be folded to create a 4 page booklet.

– Download your Fact Sheets here – in English and en français