IV Peoples’ Summit complete in Trinidad and Tobago

16-18 April, 2009

The IV Peoples’ Summit of the Americaswas held in Trinidad and Tobago, April 16-18, 2009. As we did during the III Peoples’ Summit in 2005, Common Frontiers hosted an information website (www.commonfrontiers.ca/IVpeoplessummit/)for Canadians who attended the event or wanted to keep up to date on what was happening. The site includes information about the event, registration information and the latest summit news, including on-site commentary and pictures.


– April 18 update – Read Rick Arnold’s latest report, a new message from summit participants and see some pictures from the unauthorized public rally held Saturday morning. 
– Message to North American Leaders attending the V Summit of the Americas 
– Read Rick Arnold’s first report from the Summit in CF Journal
– Visit the IV Peoples’ Summit site