People’s Voices: Challenging the G-20’s Agenda of Corporate Globalization

September 11, 2009

Peoples Voices

Wednesday, Sept. 23 and Friday, Sept. 25 – Pittsburg, USA
The G-20 is almost here, and there are some incredible events that the are being organized in partnership with many local, national and international allies. Common Frontiers will be present for the three days of events in Pittsburg as the Canadian member of the Hemispheric Social Alliance (HSA). The HSA and its US representative, the Alliance for Responsible Trade (ART), are key members of the organizing committee responsible for putting on several grass roots/high profile events in parallel to the official G-20 gathering in Pittsburg, such as:

– discussion circles leading to a peoples tribunal;
– a panel with leaders from Latin America;
– an exchange with G-20 representatives from the Global South and;
– speakers including Joseph Stiglitz, Leo Gerard and many others.

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