Rock Against the TPP

The TPP is an unfair, undemocratic deal that will strip us of our digital rights and threaten the open Internet.

We’ve built a huge community of Canadians who know that the TPP will threaten our digital rights and the open Internet, and robs us of the right to shape policies that work for us.

But still, too many people are still sitting on the sidelines, because they just don’t know how dangerous the TPP is. It’s simple: pro-TPP forces need to keep those people on the sidelines to ram the deal through. If we can get those people off the sidelines then we will win.

Just days before Parliament resumes sitting (Monday, September 19), we’re holding a huge demonstration of just how much support there is for ditching the TPP – our concert and teach-in will show Ottawa that our rapidly growing movement will be impossible to sideline.