The Battle for Venezuela
18 September 2019

We are told that the US and Canada’s efforts to overthrow the Bolivarian revolution are motivated by altruistic goals of advancing the interests of democracy and human rights in Venezuela. Yet while Venezuela suffers food shortages, the U.S. sanctions local supply and production committees (CLAP) food subsidy programme that feeds millions of people, and imposes an embargo on Venezuela impeding its ability to buy food on the international market.

How should the labour movement in Canada respond to these efforts by the Trump and Trudeau government?

Thur. Sept 26th @ 7 pm. York University (Keele Campus) YUGSA Conference Room 430 (Student Centre)

Guests Speakers

Dan Kovalik a critically-acclaimed author, and a labour and human rights lawyer since graduating from Columbia Law School in 1993. His new book is “The Plot To Overthrow Venezuela”

Zaida Colmenares – Born in Caracas Venezuela, she recently left the country due to the difficult economic situation caused by the economic sanctions. In Venezuela she worked with different community groups on issues related to animal rescue and poverty.

Raul Burbano– Program Director at Common Frontiers and member of the Canadian Freelance Union

Finger food and beverages will be provided.

Organized by: CUPE Ontario International Solidarity Committee