Welcome to the III People’s Summit Information Page

Nov 1 – 5, 2005
Mar del Plata, Argentina

The Summit is now underway and we’ll be posting information here as it arrives. CF Executive Director Rick Arnold is at the summit. You can read about what’s going on Rick Arnold’s Summit Journal during the event.

We’ve also got a link to some photos of the event, which are posted on the official III Peoples Summit homepage.

Here’s a link to a Technorati Search for any blog postings about Peoples Summit.
Check out a special 4-page brochure Common Frontiers has prepared to help groups understand the Peoples’ Summit.

Click here to find out how your group can use this brochure.
Visit the official Peoples’ Summit site (which has an English-language option.)

Argentina: Background Information

Some basic information on Argentina

Whether you’re planning to attend yourself, or if you just want to stay up-to-date on what’s happening, check back often. We’ll be posting news updates and other relevant information as we get it.

As always, if there is something we’ve missed that you’d like to see listed, send us an e-mail.