Why a Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement is a Big Mistake

November 08, 2007

“Colombia’s current government is accused of corruption, links to paramilitary death squads, drug traffickers, and state sanctioned impunity for crimes committed, yet, the Canadian government has chosen to ignore this, in the interests of signing a trade deal.”

First announced in June of this year, the Canadian government has put ‘free trade’ negotiations with Colombia on overdrive while keeping them away from public scrutiny. There are some official expectations that a deal can be concluded by the end of this month.


The Canadian Labour Congress invites you to send a Sign–on letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper to express your view on this matter.

You can either sign onto this letter or write one of your own. Please click on the link above to sign and forward to others after.

Canada should not be trading away respect for human rights at home or abroad.


Common Frontiers, along with the CLC and CCIC-APG are embarking on a week of action starting around Nov. 20 to stop the Canada-Colombia free trade deal. Watch for more details.