Zombie neoliberalism threatens Ecuador’s ‘citizen’s revolution’

August 15, 2015

By Denis Rogatyuk
Green Left Weekly

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa and social movements behind Ecuador’s “Citizens’ Revolution” are engaged in yet another battle against the South American country’s entrenched elites.

Supporters of Correa marched through the capital of Quito on August 12 to the presidential palace, where they intend to maintain a permanent presence to help defend the elected government.

The next day, violent opposition protests led to 86 police officers being injured, the interior ministry said, along with 20 civilians and three members of the press.

What originally began as demonstrations by the country’s right-wing opposition against a proposed new inheritance tax laws targetting the country’s richest 2% have now turned into a full-blown attempt at a “soft coup”.

Having observed the strategy of Venezuela’s far right during last year’s violent demonstrations, the Ecuadorian opposition movement has combined tactics of peaceful protests and demands for Correa’s resignation with open calls for a coup and even alleged terrorist attacks.

The headquarters of the governing Allianza Pais (Country Alliance) party were bombed on July 14 in the city of Guayacuil. Packages containing explosives were sent to the headquarters of the publicly-owned El Telegrafo and privately-owned El Universal newspapers.

All of this has been done under the umbrella of “defending family values” and protesting against the Correa-pushed economic model that seeks to create a “socialism of 21st century”.

Key opposition leaders are Guayaquil’s conservative mayor Jaime Nebout and failed right-wing presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso. They have called for a “national strike” on August 13 involving right-wing parties, business groups and some trade unions and indigenous groups.

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