Join us to hear from Milagro, and her fight for freedom and justice, and Skyler Williams, spokesperson for 1492 Land Back Lane is a Mohawk, Wolf Clan member of the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.
Milagro Sala, Indigenous, social activist, and leader of Tupac Amaru Neighborhood Organization was jailed for leading anti-government protests in the province of Jujuy, weeks after President Mauricio Macri was elected in 2015.
In 2013 Milagro Sala was catapulted to the national political level when she was elected to the Province of Jujuy´s Legislature, a position from which she resigned in December 2015 after being elected as Member of the MERCOSUR Parliament.
In 2021, Milagro Sala and several other members of the Tupac Amaru organization will have completed five years in detention. Their grassroots organizing work has been targeted by local elites, with the complicity of the emerging international mining companies exploiting the lithium deposits in Jujuy, the northwest corner of Argentina.
Tupac Amaru Neighbourhood Organization
Milagro Sala and her colleagues have built a collective of grassroots and indigenous organizations that struggle for their economic, social and cultural rights in the province of Jujuy and also throughout Argentina.
The TUPAC AMARU organization was created in the late 1990s in the city of San Salvador, the capital of the province of Jujuy, located in the northeast of Argentina that borders Bolivia. This province is one of the poorest in the country and has social indicators well below the national average. From the beginning, the organization´s work focused on the political empowerment of the poorest and most vulnerable sectors of Jujuy´s population. The capacity and degree of grassroots organization and mobilization achieved by the TUPAC AMARU under the leadership of Milagro Sala shook the foundations of the semi-feudal power structure and the two-party system in the province from its beginning.
Organized by: Comité por la Libertad de Milagro Sala and Common Frontiers.