Milagro Sala, Indigenous, social activist, and leader of Tupac Amaru Neighborhood Organization was jailed for leading anti-government protests in the province of Jujuy, weeks after President Mauricio Macri was elected in 2015. In 2013 Milagro Sala was catapulted to the national political level when she was elected to the
Province of Jujuy´s Legislature. position from which she resigned in December 2015 after being elected as Member of the MERCOSUR Parliament.

The case of Milagro Sala is a clear example of the use of “lawfare” with the provincial governor, Gerardo Morales, using the courts and irregularities with the goal of keeping her in prison and preventing her participation in politics as an elected member of the MERCOSUR Parliament.

Free Milagro Sala and all political prisoners in Argentina!
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