On Sunday 23 October 2022, join Niki Ashton, Sabrina Fernandes, Aline Piva, Maximiliano Nagl Garcez and Raul Burbano for a special discussion about the stakes in Brazil’s historic presidential election.

  • Aline Piva is the Latin America Coordinator for the Progressive International.
  • Sabrina Fernandes is an Ecosocialist Organizer and a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.
  • Niki Ashton is a member of the Progressive International Council, Canada.
  • Maximiliano Nagl Garcez is a lawyer and legislative consultant for labour unions in Brasil.
  • Raul Burbano is Program Director at Common Frontiers.

Register free here: https://act.progressive.international/pio-brasil-livestream/