Honduran struggles against political killings and disappearances

Free City Radio interview

Listen to an interview with Bertha Oliva de Nativí from Comité de Familiares de Detenidos Desaparecidos en Honduras (COFADEH), a committee representing families of social activists, journalists and human rights workers disappeared in Honduras. This interview looks at the historical struggle for justice dating back to the 1970/80s and the contemporary context of the recent wave of political assassinations and disappearances in Honduras since the 2009 right wing, military backed coup d’état.

Also this interview details the context and repression facing journalists in Honduras, a country where over recent years. The Committee to Protect Journalists writes that in Honduras journalists “face violence and intimidation” and that “journalists who covered sensitive topics like drug trafficking, government corruption, and land conflicts were threatened and attacked.”

(special thanks to filmmaker Jesse Freeston for translation support)