Sierra Club Responsible Trade Summit
Ottawa – June 23

Ottawa, ON – Sierra Club Canada Foundation is hosting an event to discuss implications of trade agreements on our ability to protect the environment and to formulate a model for sustainable and successful trade agreements of the future.

Experts attending the event include:

  • Ben Beachy – senior policy advisor for the Sierra Club US’s Responsible Trade Program.
  • Scott Sinclair – senior research fellow with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, director of Trade and Investment Research Project.
  • Claude Vaillancourt – president of ATTAC Québec
  • Ronald Labonté – Canada Research Chair in Globalization and Health Equity at the School of Epidemiology, Public Health and Preventative Medicine.
  • Anthony Torres – Associate Campaign Representative for the Sierra Club US’s Responsible Trade Program
  • Sujata Dey – Trade campaigner with Council of Canadians
  • Angella MacEwen – Senior Economist, Social and Economic Policy, Canadian Labour Congress, and Policy Fellow with the Broadbent Institute
  • Jesse Colorado Swanhuyser – co-founder of the California Coalition for Fair Trade and Human Rights, serves as Chair of the Sierra Club US’s Committee on International Trade and Human Rights, and is the managing attorney at Voice for the People (V4P).

WHEN: Friday, June 23, 9 – 4 pm
WHERE: Ottawa Public Library, Main Branch, 120 Metcalf Ave., Ottawa

TICKETS: $10 or by Donation.