Solidarity Message from the Good Jobs for All Coalition (Toronto):

We want Trade Deals that Build
Good Jobs, Solidarity and Development
The Current Corporate-Led Free Trade Deals Betray those Goals!

On behalf of the Good Jobs for All Coalition representing more than 30 community and labour organizations in the Toronto area, we extend our solidarity to those demonstrating in Montreal for trade agreements based on a people’s agenda of justice and solidarity. Your mobilization will inspire others.

On December 4 our Coalition sponsored a Public Forum and Teach-In on NAFTA. It was agreed that current Free Trade deals are too focused on the interests of investors and corporations and our economy has suffered as a result.

What’s missing is a progressive vision of trade that’s centred on people’s interests. This will mean New Priorities and Enforceable Conditions such as:

Enforceable obligations on investors and corporations, to guarantee social responsibility at home and abroad;
Local procurement policies that respect our sovereignty and help us create better jobs for all. In Toronto we fought hard to secure Community Benefit Agreements that prioritize equity measures for training and hiring of racialized communities, youth and women.
Stronger protections for both public and private sector service jobs. This is where most people work now, including some of the most vulnerable.
Enforceable development objectives – for higher living standards, indigenous rights and similar social goals.
Effective environmental protections, support for the development of green jobs and emergency measures in response to global climate change.

We believe there’s a better way to encourage trade, solidarity and development… by giving priority to the public interest.