Join in on an International Week of Vigils for Indigenous, Afrodescendent, Rural Communities and Social Movement Leaders in “Post Accord” Colombia, November 12-18, 2017

Organize a vigil alongside those planned in Toronto, Quebec City, Montreal, Sault Ste. Marie, Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville, Barcelona, London and other cities. Details for each city are being added as they develop.
Afrocolombian, indigenous, social leaders and activists in “post accord” Colombia are under continued threat of death, displacement and exclusion even as the peace accords with FARC are being implemented.

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In only the month of October, there were three massacres of Indigenous and Afro-descendant people in Tumaco, Meta and Cauca. There have also been targeted killings of Black, indigenous and rural leaders, occurring at an alarming rate. According to Colombia’s Ombudsperson, over 186 social leaders have been assassinated since 2016. Sources estimate that over 80 leaders have been killed since the peace accords were signed in November last year.

Wear black and light a candle in honour of those who have lost their lives defending peace, their communities, political and territorial rights.

Upcoming Events

Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Sacred Fire Vigil for Peace for All in Times of Violence in Post-Accord Colombia.
Tuesday, Nov. 14 @ 10 AM
Sacred Fire: Arbour; 12 PM Feast and Dialogue with Creative Display: The Speakeasy.
Organizers: Algoma Community Collective

Nashville Tenesee:
November 15, 6-7:30pm
Flatrock Coffee
Colombia Solidarity Vigil and talk!
Organizer: Witness for Peace

Toronto ON
Wednesday, Nov. 15 @ 6-7 pm.
393 Bloor St. West
@ Matt Cohen Park (South-East corner of Bloor and Spadina)
Organizers: Colombian Action Solidarity Alliance – CASA; Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network – LACSN; Colombia Working Group and Common Frontiers.

Toronto ON
Book reading “Bienaventurados lxs que hacen la Paz: Peregrinaje en el Bosque del Norte de Colombia”
Friday, Nov. 17 @ 7 pm.
Friends House, 60 Lowther Avenue (St. George Sbwy Station)
Organizers: All for Guatemala, Guatemala Community Network.
Endorsers: CASA, LACSN and CASA Maiz.

Quebec City QC:
Messe Dominicale “Que la paix soit avec eux”
Dimanche, le 19 novembre, À 14H00.
Église Notre Dame de Foy, 820 rue Chanoine-Martin, Québec.
Organizers: Conseil Diocésain de Développement et Paix de Québec et la Pastoral Catholique Latinoamericaine; L’Association des Victimes du Conflit Arme Colombien au Canada – ASOVICA.

End violence now!

The Colombian government must implement the Ethnic Chapter of the Peace Accords!
End foreign investment that continues to exacerbate violence and undermine human rights!
Ensure an indigenous, afrocolombian and gendered perspective on peace!

Peace needs to be guaranteed for those most affected by war!

#SinPueblosEtnicosNoHayPaz (without ethnic peoples there is no peace)

Send your planned date and location of a vigil or event in support of peace in Colombia to: colombiapeacesolidarity@gmail.com