London Regional Social Forum

September 11 – 13, 2020

Common Frontier will lead a workshop: The Media – Manufacturing consent for coup d’état in Venezuela.

Sunday Sept 13th 11am on Zoom as part of London Regional Social Forum. RSVP at link below.

The workshop will focus on the role of mainstream media to justify Canadian and US aggression against Venezuela through Sanctions and other “unilateral coercive measures”.
Led by Raul Burbano – Community organizer and Director of Common Frontiers. Common Frontiers is a multi-sectorial working group focused on building international solidarity in support of human and labour rights and democracy across the Americas. They work in collaboration with counterparts, including faith based groups, trade unions, environmental, and human rights groups to create spaces of convergence for discussion, debate, and actions for a sustainable and just world.
Zaida Colmenares born in Caracas Venezuela, she recently left the country due to the difficult economic situation caused by the economic sanctions. In Venezuela she worked with different community groups on issues related to animal rescue and poverty.
Special guest, Dimitri Lascaris a lawyer, journalist, and activist based in Montreal, Quebec. In 2019 Dimitri Lascaris visited Venezuela as an independent journalist reporting for The Real News Network. Dimitri Lascaris is campaigning for leadership of the Green Party of Canada (GPC), promising to shake up Canadian politics.
Moderator David Heap is a life-long peace and & human rights advocate.