Canada must renegotiate NAFTA now!

October 7, 2008

Election 2008 fact sheets for activists

What is it about?

A series of one-page fact sheets each tackling a different aspect of the overall impact 15 years of NAFTA has had on Canadians. These one-pagers are posted on the Common Frontiers (CF) web site and can be downloaded and printed off directly as the need arises. Further fact sheets will be added as CF members complete them, so visit often.

Who is it for?

Activists, members of social organizations, individuals who would like to see NAFTA on the national agenda in the 2008 elections, and want candidates to state clearly where they (and their parties) stand with regard to NAFTA renegotiation and/or withdrawal from the agreement.

How are the sheets organized?

Each one-page fact sheet has a similar (but not identical) structure. The title ‘names’ the issue. The first part deals with why the issue is important, and what its link to ‘free trade’ is. The third component outlines what we want government to start/stop doing about this, followed lastly with suggestions on ‘what you can do’. At the very bottom is the CF web site address where interested people can go to view the other one-pagers in the series.

-Visit the Election 2008 fact sheets for activists page