International Days of Action Calling for an End to US and Canadian Sanctions Against Venezuela

On 14 August 2018, solidarity organizations and anti-war activists among other concerned individuals and groups will participate in an international day of action denouncing US and Canadian Sanctions against Venezuela. These economic sanctions, referred to as unilateral coercive economic measures in Venezuela, are illegal under the Organization of American States (OAS) and the United Nations (UN) charters. Since 14 August 2017, the Trump administration has heightened these sanctions to have a broader impact across Venezuelan society preventing the government from: refinancing its debt and present challenges for imports.

The Campaign to End US and Canada Sanctions Against Venezuela states, “On May 21, the day after the re-election of Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro, the US further expanded economic sanctions against Venezuela. Both the US and Canada have sanctions targeting senior Venezuelan government officials. These sanctions severely hamper the government’s ability to engage with international financial entities.” Furthermore, they have a devastating impact on Venezuelans everyday lives.

Actions on 14 August will include a social media campaign #SanctionsAreWar and#EndVenezuelaSanctions, local actions outside of Venezuelan consulates and embassies in solidarity with the Venezuelan people, continued circulation of the international Call to Action condemning sanctions and more.

Recent news of the assassination attempt on President Nicolás Maduro as well as other high ranking military and government officials, speak to clear signs of escalating warfare against Venezuela. And while not military intervention, sanctions create conditions that economically strangle a nation and are often the prelude to overt warfare.

Join the international campaign on 14 August 2018 in demanding an end to US and Canada sanctions against Venezuela. Post the photo on social media and send us your picture at

Who: Campaign to End US and Canadian Sanctions Against Venezuela

What: International Days of Action Denouncing US and Canadian Sanctions

When: 14 August 2018

Where: Multiple locations

Raul Burbano (Canada) +1.416.522.8615,
Alison Bodine (Canada) +1.604.518.7361,
Teri Mattson (US) +1.415.259.9626,

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