Photo offering to goddess Omeotl:
Renegotiate NAFTA & stop geneticaly engineered corn

January 27, 2008

An altar to the goddess Omeotl was recently found in an archeological dig in Mexico. It is thought that corn was offered up at this altar to guarantee a plentiful harvest for the next growing season.

The giant cob shown at the right travelled 300 kilometers in the “Sin maiz no hay pais” (Without corn there is no country) caravan that entered the Mexico City Zocalo on Saturday, January 26th.

A copy of this altar was erected on a centre stage in the Zocalo and corn was offered up there during the demo to bring luck in the anti-NAFTA struggles – the renegotiation of the NAFTA Ag. Chapter, and to protect against genetically engineered corn arriving from the USA.

– Report filed by Common Frontiers’ Executive Director Rick Arnold, who is in Mexico for meetings with the four civil society networks. (See story below) 
– Photo by Yazmín Ortega Cortés